Image, Style and Colour Seminar and Workshop Series

Image Workshops Feb-May 2015

SEMESTER 1 - 2015                                                                        
When Workshop
Thursday 26th February
Wardrobe organisation
Thursday 26 thMarch
Image Style and colour
Thursday 30th  April
Wardrobe Organisation


Workshops cost $25.00 or bring a friend and come for $20.00 each


Image Workshops Jun-Dec 2015

SEMESTER 2 - 2015
When Workshop
Thursday 30th July
Wardrobe Organisation
Thursday 27th August 7.30-9pm Wardrobe organisation
Thursday 24th September
Image, Style/Colour


Workshops cost $25.00 or bring a friend and come for $20.00 each.

To enrol, please click here.


Wardrobe organisation workshop

Most women wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. So, what happens to the other 80%? Well, they usually slip down the rack to the left-hand side.

Organising your wardrobe means first you declutter, then organise what is left. Work out what items you need to purchase to fill in any gaps.

Learn how having a Style and Colour Consultation can help with this wardrobe organisation process.




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Image, Colour and Style

Image, style and colour workshop


  • Are sick of wasting money on clothes you do not wear?
  • Are you tired of looking second rate?
  • Are you bored with your look?
  • Do you want people to notice a positive change in you?

If you answered 'yes' you need to learn how line, design and body shape can affect the way you dress and how you look. If used correctly, you could enhance the way you present yourself and mimimise your wardrobe.


Psychologists have long established that colour is the first thing noticed about a person's appearance.

Colour affects every moment of our lives, even though most of our colour choices are unconscious.

Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring, discover the differences and what colour coding can do for you.


How to look 10 years younger
without plastic surgery workshop

Looking younger starts with your attitude to life. A positive and optimistic outlook creates a joyful spirit, eyes that sparkle and a face that holds a smile easily.

Learn the tricks and tips used by the rich and famous to keep their youthful looks and hide their figure faults.