The Foldaway Cutting Table
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The Foldaway Cutting Table has a multitude of uses and is perfect for school and personal use.

It is a must for altering paper patterns where you need to use pins to secure the pattern.

The tables are invaluable for Teachers of craft, design, patchwork and dressmaking. No more cutting out on the floor, and the tables can be quickly folded away and stored between lessons.

Read what teachers are saying about The Foldaway Cutting Table



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Reinforcement Tape

If you would like to extend the life of your Table legs and the Xtension legs there is a tape available to reinforce the slits.

You place the tape on the inside of the slit so it is not  visible on the outside. The recommended length for each slit is 6cms,this will give you 2 rounds for the 4 slits in the table legs in the clear tape.

As there are 8 slits in the Xtension legs you will need all the black tape

The tape can be interchanged but you will need to adhere to the 6cms or you will run out

Price $2.50/metre


Product information

Baraque Foldaway Cutting Table

$165 Australia + P/H     


  • 3 piece - stores flat and assembles with ease
  • Comfortable working height
  • Made from heavy duty corrugated cardboard
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required and no screws or bolts
  • Great space saver
  • Stores as a flat pack under a bed or behind door
  • An instant workspace for your sewing needs
  • Easy to read and functional table surface with metric grid markings and as of 2016 the new stronger table has the DIY imperial option .

Baraque Foldaway Cutting Table

$165 Australia + P/H      


          $129 UK  United kingdom+P&H


SEW TALL Xtension

$25 Australia +P/H 


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Table etiquette

The Baraque Foldaway Cutting Table will serve you for years, here's how to take good care of it:

  • Keep the table away from liquids and strong heat sources
  • Do not stand or sit on the table
  • During assembly and disassembly take care not to force or bend
  • Do not break glue joins or tear surfaces
  • It is not a sewing machine table
  • Keep table surface clear when storing
  •  Rotary cutters can be used on a suitable cutting mat and  only over the supported leg sections (not in the middle of the table!) Keep the fabric layers you are cutting with the rotary cutters to a mimimum of 2 layers
  • If you look after your tables they will last indefinitely. I have had mine in my sewing school for over 10 years and I know others who have had them for a lot longer