SEW TALL Xtension

SEW TALL Xtension plus Tape

         Are you
  •    Taller than average ?
  •     Does cutting out cause you back pain ?
  •     Is your dining room table too low ?
  •     Are the commercial tables still not high enough ?
The Baraque Foldaway Cutting Table now has an option, that will give you up to “28cms or 11in” extra height.
You can purchase a set of extensions for $25, which are slotted and will slip onto the original legs. This will give you the 28cms or 11in” extra height..
If this is too high for you then you can gradually decrease the slits in the Xtension  legs by small, ( 2.5 cms ) each time,  until you get the height that is most comfortable for you.
As a rough guideline try for a work surface which allows you to have your elbows bent and your forearm angled slightly downwards.

The surface is too high if your forearms are angled upwards and too low if your hands are more than a couple of  inches (or relevant cms.) above the work surface



The slots with the SEW TALL Xtension stickers on, go forward and the plain sides go back so they weave in and out .


Australia   $25 +P/H                   
New Zealand  $35+P/H                  
United States  $25 USD  +P&H


Reinforcement Tape

If you would like to extend the life of your Table legs and the Xtension legs there is a tape available.

You place the tape on the inside of the slit so as not to be visible on the outside.

The recommended length for each slit is approximately 6 cms and this will give you 2 rounds for the four table leg slits in the clear tape and as there are 8 slits in the Xtension legs you will need all the black tape.The tape can be interchanged but you must adhere to the 6 cms or you will run out .

Price $2.50/metre



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