Palmer Pletsch Seminar - Pants fit

Palmer Pletsch Pants Fit Workshop

There is no need to draft your own pattern to get a good pant fit.

Join us and learn:

  • How your body varies from patterns
  • How to make any commercial pant pattern fit
  • How to select  pull-on pants, trousers and jean styles
  • How to fit the over 40 figure and eliminate baggy back.

Also learn how to:

  • Make your tummy look flatter
  • Press a crease
  • Narrow or widen legs to flatter your figure

This workshop seminar is based on the Palmer Pletsch book "Pants For Real People". This book is available for purchase from Baraque.


Workshop venue

5/1-3 Munderah St
Wahroonga NSW

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About your teacher

Classes are conducted by Barbara Aquilina, a teacher with over thirty years of sewing experience.

Barbara is a  Palmer Pletsch Educational  Associate, an Image Consultant with The Australian Image Company  and owner of Baraque.

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Workshop outline

Pattern used for pant fit is 9233 and is supplied.

  • Step 1  Short slide show to familiarize you with the pattern and adjustment lines for alteration.
  • Step 2  You will take your measurements and compare with the pattern chart provided.
  • Step 3  Try on the gingham pants made up in every size until you find the best fit.
  • Step 4  You then cut out your size from the pattern supplied and tape all convex curves.
  • Step 5  The pattern will be fitted to you and necessary adjustments made.

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A day in the workshop

You are given an opportunity to try on pre-made gingham pants, which are available in all sizes 6-22. This helps to identify the best pattern size to work with. There is  a changing room available.

Pants fit - fitting and setting pattern to waist[Beginning Fit]
We start with the selected pattern size and begin the process of fit. Elastic identifies the waist point and helps to hold the pattern tissue in place as we work.



[Adjustments and Final Fit]
We progressively mark, pin and adjust pattern tissue to ensure a perfect fit.

Some ladies have commented the "The paper pants fit so well I could almost wear them home"





From gingham fitting to pant alteration and the finished product.